SiRMs evaluation of ZonMw program Efficiency Research offered to Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Wednesday 26 September the evaluation of the ZonMw Efficiency Research program was offered to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The ZonMw program Efficiency Research (DO) has been funding research since 1999 that provides knowledge about efficiency in curative care. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport requested ZonMw to have the program evaluated for both the process and the impact of the program when assigning DO 19-21 to ZonMw. SiRM performed the evaluation.

News 26 September 2018

SiRM concludes that the projects subsidized by the DO program have yielded high health benefits and monetary returns. The program has delivered more than 7,500 years of life in full health (QALYs) and the estimated net income achieved is € 1.1 billion, of which € 0.3 billion is monetized QALY profit. This concerns the health gains and monetary returns of 24 high potential projects selected by SiRM and subsidized by the DO program. € 480 million of the net proceeds are cost savings, of which € 280 million on health care costs and the remaining € 200 million on social costs. We have not been able to verify the actual impact of the savings on health care expenditure. The expectation is that the financial space that has been created is filled by other healthcare activities.

SiRM notes that the revenues of the DO program could have been much higher: there is still a large untapped potential because the implementation of results is lagging behind. With ambitious realistic implementation rates, the health gain could have been 13,000 life years in full health and the net proceeds could have been € 4.1 billion.

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