The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport sends SiRM advice on suitable transport for people with erratic behaviour to the House of Representatives

In cooperation with patient organisations, ambulance care, mental healthcare and the police in the Netherlands, SiRM has drawn up an advice on suitable transport for people with erratic behaviour.

News 7 March 2017

The provisional transport model describes transport solutions for people who are showing erratic behavior that is suspected to be caused by, for example, a somatic disorder, psychiatric disorder, psychogeriatric disorder or intellectual disability.

The provisional model thus forms a guideline for developing creative and appropriate transport solutions in the region in 2017 for people with erratic behavior, for whom care and / or transport is necessary.

The final version of the model will follow at the end of 2017 - beginning of 2018 based on the results of the transport pilots within the ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) programme 'Local initiatives people with erratic behavior', the experiences with the provisional model in practice in 2017 and the choices made on the required changes in legislation and funding.

At the beginning of March 2017, Minister Schippers presented the provisional model to the House of Representatives.


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