The Dutch Hospital Association publishes SiRM report on strengthening purchasing of medicines by hospitals

At the request of the Dutch Hospital Association, SiRM has investigated how hospitals can strengthen the purchasing of medicines. The research was conducted in collaboration and coordination with the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists.

News 30 January 2017

SiRM has prepared a report based on more than 30 interviews, an expert meeting and desk research. This report offers concrete advice on how to purchase medicines at lower prices.

The costs of medicines have increased strongly in recent years. With the expiration of patent for a number of expensive medicines, putting in place a strong purchasing organisation provides opportunities to slow down the growth of drug costs.

Hospitals can strengthen the procurement of medicines by systematically completing five steps of an effective procurement process in their own hospital and in the procurement organisation to which they may be affiliated.

According to SiRM, ability to implement purchasing agreements with the industry determines the optimum scale of an effective purchasing organisation. In addition, the optimum scale on which a purchasing organisation operates depends on the stage in the life cycle of the drug, the drug segment. The trade-off between scale and ability to implement determines the choice for the most promising purchasing variants. Hospitals must make a choice per drug segment for the most effective purchasing organisation. SiRM proposes two to three promising variants per segment, mainly based on ability to implement.


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