SiRM en Finance Ideas report on pros and cons of for-profit health care providers sent to House of Representatives

In the Netherlands, intramural health care providers (e.g., hospitals and nursing homes) are not-for-profit organisations. Extramural health care providers (e.g., home care and psychotherapy) are allowed to be for profit companies. The Minister of Health Care sent our report on the pros and cons of for profit health care provision was sent to the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives) in July 2019.

News 9 July 2019

Last year, the Ministers of Health, Welfare and Sport indicated that further research is needed before new regulations can be issued on for profit health care provision. This report by SiRM and Finance Ideas concerns part of that investigation.

Our research consists of an analysis of the current practice and an effect analysis in case for profit health care provision is allowed. For the practical analysis, we analysed annual reports of all Dutch health care provivders, and held almost 40 interviews. The analysis of the current practice gives both arguments for allowing and for forbidding the payment of dividend in health care.

Other effects of allowing and prohibiting payment of dividend on quality, accessibility and affordability are then important. These are explored with the effect analysis. We examine the possible effects of allowing dividend payments on the public objectives of quality, accessibility and affordability of care. The reported insights are based on literature research and interviews.


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