Corona virus and pharmacies

Pharmacies incur additional costs because of the corona pandemic. On request by the Dutch Society for the Promotion of Pharmacy, SiRM estimated these costs. The pharmacists can use this insight in their discussions with health insurers about compensation.

The corona pandemic has led to adjustments at many community pharmacies to continue to provide patients with the necessary care. The Dutch Society for the Promotion of Pharmacy (KNMP) has asked SiRM to examine the additional costs associated with these adjustments.

Our client, the KNMP, called in its member letter to complete a web survey. This allowed us to use the insights of nearly 400 pharmacies. We also spoke with several pharmacists, both from chains and independent pharmacies. During the conversations we always came across a "can-do" mentality; the pharmacies adapted in a short time

SiRM estimated the additional costs at an average more than €13,000 with a large bandwidth (standard deviation of €11,000). Almost all pharmacies reported an increase in adjustment, delivery and non-billable healthcare costs, but there was a lot of variation between pharmacies in other costs. Together these costs explain more than 60% of the increase in costs. The remaining additional costs are caused by higher personnel costs and additional depreciations on medicines. Again, there is a lot of variation. More than half of the pharmacies indicate that they have not had higher staff costs or extra depreciations, whereas for the other half these costs were quite substantial.

The pharmacies can use the results of our research in discussions with health insurers about compensation for their incurred additional costs.


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