Tapped potential - Evaluation of the Efficiency Studies programme 2006 - 2017

Since 1999, the Efficiency Studies (DO) programme by ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) funds research on efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. ZonMw developed the programme on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). As part of the commissioning to continue DO for 2019-21, VWS requested ZonMw to evaluate DO’s process and impact. ZonMw appointed an external evaluation committee to oversee the evaluation. This independent committee consists of representatives from stakeholders (patients, researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers, institutions and insurers). It has asked the support of consultancy firm Strategies in Regulated Markets (SiRM) to execute the evaluation.

Publication 26 September 2018

The evaluation is based on insights from interviews, a focus group, desk research and an online questionnaire for leaders of research projects previously supported by the DO programme. SiRM consulted over 60 experts, project leaders and other stakeholders. We performed desk-research for the process and impact evaluation. We enriched our findings with an online questionnaire for the latter.

Health gains and economic returns – both part of the impact evaluation – were calculated for a selection of 24 high-potential projects. We consulted the project leaders of all these high-potential projects.

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