dr. Susanne Lucieer

Senior consultant
Mainly active in Primary Care and Hospital Care

“Healthcare is an incredibly fascinating sector. The idea that I can be part of it and help improve this sector gives me a lot of energy”

Susanne is experienced as a consultant, researcher and interim manager in various healthcare sectors. This enables her to build bridges between policy and practice. Her passion lies in unraveling complex issues and bringing people and interests together.

Coming from her position as a consultant at SiRM, and before that at VvAA for Healthcare Companies, Susanne has a lot of experience in supervising departments, medical specialists departments and primary care centers in the development of strategies and business cases, (financial) mergers and dissociations, and in setting up new care centers. . She has led various projects in which the interests of different parties come together and where policy must be implemented in the workplace.

Susanne has a background in Health Sciences (Mental Health Sciences) and International Business. She then obtained her PhD at the Erasmus MC Institute of Medical Educational Research Rotterdam. Her research focused on the selection of medical students and Doctors in Training to Specialist (AIOS).

Examples of project experience

  • Support for Medical Specialist company’s (MSBs) and departments. Susanne has assisted various MSBs and departments with mergers and dissociations, strategic and financial issues and with the development of business cases.
  • Support integrated primary care center. Susanne has guided an integrated primary care center in the start-up phase and in further development. She has written grant applications and accountability for this and worked as an interim practice manager in the center.
  • Deepening Model report erratic persons. Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, SiRM has further shaped the reporting model at the police and ambulance care. In this project we have given advice to the emergency rooms (112 police and ambulance and the non-acute number of police) and police on the spot about dealing with reports from and about persons with erratic behavior. Susanne has led this project in two of the four regions and has given advice to the National Police and Ambulance Care Unit Netherlands.
  • Evaluation payment titles Organization and Infrastructure. Commissioned by InEen (mental healthcare provider), the National General Practicioners Association, the Dutch Care Authority, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Dutch Health Insurers Association , SiRM has researched the introduction of new payment titles for Organization and Infrastructure in primary care. Susanne led this project and acted as a contact point between the various parties.


dr. Jan-Peter Heida (partner)
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Pam van der Meer (officemanager)
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