Floor Joustra

“I like to contribute to solutions for the complex challenges in healthcare by combining quantitative and qualitative analysis.”

Floor likes to contribute to finding solutions for social issues by combining various analyzes. She is enthusiastic about healthcare, where these issues are often one step more complex.

Floor obtained a Bachelor and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen and also a Masters degree in Operations Research at the VU University Amsterdam. During her studies she mainly focused on technical optimisations and improvements. She graduated cum laude from the Data Science department of Schiphol. Here she has created a Machine Learning model that links arriving to departing flights, so that the gate planning department can use these links. Floor has been working at SiRM since October 2020, where she happily uses her analytical skills in varied projects.


dr. Jan-Peter Heida (partner)
+31 6 41 36 23 59

Pam van der Meer (officemanager)
+31 6 21 32 55 55


Stadsplateau 17
3521 AZ Utrecht
The Netherlands
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