Fons Strijbosch

“At SiRM I can use my experience as a physician and policy maker to address bottlenecks in healthcare at a macro level. That way I can make a contribution to the healthcare of the future.”

Fons has first hand experience of healthcare and was inspired to work on the challenges of the future at the macro level. Complexity and diverging interests ask for clear analyses and overarching solutions to help lift care delivery to the next level.

Stimulated by the combination of people and science, Fons studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with honours in 2016. After graduating he worked as a medical resident in internal medicine (OLVG, Amsterdam) and crisis psychiatry (Amsterdam Emergency Psychiatry). He also worked as medical coordinator for Dutch NGO Boat Refugee Foundation on Lesvos, Greece, where he established a new medical clinic for refugee care in Moria camp.

Working as a physician he found he has a strong interest in analysing complex problems to arrive at diagnoses, but that he would rather apply that skill at healthcare systems as a whole as room for improvement is often found at that level. At SiRM Fons uses his experience as a physician, coordinator and policy maker to research bottlenecks in healthcare and come up with solutions that benefit society. He mainly works within mental healthcare, (acute) hospital care and pharmaceutical care.

Examples of project experience

  • Impact analysis of psychological care professions framework: SiRM assisted Dutch professional associations of psychologists in composing a new framework of psychological professions. The Ministry of Health required an impact analysis of these proposed changes before approving implementation. Fons collaborated in investigating expected effects and translating this into a conclusive analysis.
  • Emergency Care Tilburg: co-operating healthcare parties in the province of Noord-Brabant plan to use the renovation of a major trauma centre to establish a wing for joint emergency care, connected to the trauma centre. SiRM assisted these parties on the board and workplace level in arriving at a shared strategy and a plan for this collaboration.
  • A leading general hospital wished to improve its understanding of expected changes in regional health care demand and their strategic options. SiRM analysed their position and prospects quantitatively and with involvement of their doctors and nurses. The hospital used these insights in contract negations with health insurers and in their own strategic planning.
  • Impact analysis improved emergency level classification ambulance care: the Dutch association for ambulance care has proposed a new classification of emergency levels in ambulance care. The goal of these changes is to better address the medical needs of emergent patients and to improve cooperation. SiRM analysed the expected impact of these proposed changes and drew up plans for safe implementation.
  • Exploration standard of care in differences in sex development (DSD): the (inter)national attention for the care for and rights of people with a DSD has increased substantially. Commissioned by the Dutch government SiRM has explored a future standard of DSD health care. SiRM involved all interested parties and a panel of experts for an exposition of medical, psychosocial, ethical and legal questions.
  • Assessment appropriate use of specialty drugs: to insure the future accessibility and affordability of (pharmaceutical) care, associations of patients, caregivers, hospitals and health insurers have set up a programme dedicated to appropriate use of specialty drugs. This programme investigates the possibilities of achieving equal or better patient outcomes with a lower volume of specialty drugs. In collaboration with Radboudumc, a Dutch university hospital, SiRM carried out the first phase of this programme, aimed at assessing existing interventions and knowledge gaps.


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