Geraline Boonzaaijer MSc

Senior Consultant
Mainly active in Mental Healthcare, Primary Care, Arts and Culture

“The structuring, prioritization and improvement of health care concerns are my main concern.”

Geraline Boonzaaijer is educated as a health scientist at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. During her master's program, she specialized in healthcare policy and organization.

As part of this master's degree, Geraline completed a five-month internship at SiRM. She investigated causes of the relatively low predictive power of the risk assessment model for the medical Mental Health Care. In addition, she has produced advice on how to improve the predictive power. After completing her internship Geraline started working as a consultant at SiRM.

Examples of project experience

  • Research on the necessary functions and infrastructure for support of GPs (and related primary care) and the possible ways to organize and fund this
  • Research on the added value of a feature based on the concern of concern for the risk assessment model for the medical Mental Health Care
  • Research on possibilities for improving the healthcare questionnaire indicator in the medical Mental Health Care
  • Investigation of the deterrent effect of fines imposed by the Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) for violations of the cartel ban between 2010 and 2012
  • Research on possibilities for prevention and substitution of district nursing
  • Investigating bottlenecks experienced within the acute ggz chain and structuring and prioritizing these bottlenecks
  • Evaluation study on the effects of the transfer of specialist medicines to the hospital budget.
  • Develop a care standard for acute psychiatry with the relevant chain partners.


dr. Jan-Peter Heida (partner)
+31 6 41 36 23 59

Pam van der Meer (officemanager)
+31 6 21 32 55 55


Stadsplateau 17
3521 AZ Utrecht
The Netherlands
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