Saskia van der Erf

Mainly active in International Health Systems, Pharmaceutical care, Emergency care and Mental Healthcare

“I enjoy unraveling complex analytical issues and formulating clear solutions together with clients and colleagues.”

Saskia van der Erf studied civil engineering at Delft University of Technology. She noted that she was mainly interested in organisational and strategic issues in healthcare when she worked at consultancy firm Andersson Elffers Felix. There she worked on various projects for health insurers and home and nursing care organisations.

In 2008, Saskia moved to Singapore, where she supported Singaporean Hospitals with applied research to improve care as an Analyst in the Health Services Research team of Singapore Health Services. In addition, Saskia completed a Postgraduate Certificate Health Economics at the University of Aberdeen during her stay in Singapore. Subsequently, she worked for the French National Health Insurance for three years as a Health Economist in the strategy team. She was responsible for setting up an international network around specific parts of the health system such as pharmaceutical care, payment of healthcare providers and disease management programmes. She was also a project leader within the health insurer for diabetes and mental disorder patient journey analysis.

As managing partner at SiRM, Saskia is a project leader for various clients in health care, including health insurers, healthcare providers, the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical industry. Her projects usually have an important economic or quantitative component. In addition, the assignments often take place in complex administrative environments.

Examples of project experience

  • Saskia led the evaluation of the Dutch government's expensive medicines policy, commissioned by the Ministry of Health.
  • In various regions in the Netherlands Saskia guides acute care providers to intensively work together in responding to acute care questions from citizens.
  • Commissioned by the Dutch Hospital Association, Saskia drew up strategies for hospitals to improve the purchase of expensive medicines.
  • On behalf of the Dutch Federation of University Hospitals, Saskia was project manager for mapping the survival chances of a number of oncological treatments in Dutch University Hospitals. She has discussed the preliminary results with the directors and relevant oncologists within the hospitals.
  • For various pharmaceutical companies, Saskia was responsible for mapping the impact of the Dutch health insurance risk equalization scheme for insured persons treated with their medicines.
  • At the request of the Royal Netherlands Organization of Midwives (KNOV), Saskia was project manager for the development of a social cost benefit assessment of various policy variants in obstetric care in the Netherlands.
  • At the request of the Ministry of Healthcare, Welfare and Sport, Saskia was responsible for identifying bottlenecks in the acute mental health care chain. In addition, the bottlenecks have been prioritized, the parties involved were mapped and proposals for improvement were done.


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