ir. Jolien de Haas

“At SiRM I can do more than just apply my analytical skills and I can work on socially relevant issues.”

Jolien holds both a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics from Delft University of Technology. During her time in Delft, she specialized in statistics and got involved in the healthcare sector in the early stages of her college years. She graduated in 2016 on "Finding the best moment to treat: the marginal structural model applied to kidney patients treated with Erythropoiesis-stimulating Agents", analyzing a statistical model applied to kidney dialysis patients at the Leiden University Medical Center.

During her Masters degree, she found the combination of quantitative analysis and practical problem solving particularly enjoyable. By combining these, she started her career at SiRM as a consultant. Her field of expertise focuses on analyzing statistics and conducting quantitative research on various subjects, mostly within the healthcare sector.

Examples of project experience

  • Optimal concentration of IAT care in the Netherlands. Commissioned by the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) board, a NFU working group has provided insight into the implications regarding changing the number of IAT centers and their distribution across the Netherlands. The working group was supported by SiRM. SiRM has made a simulation model based on the information provided in the working group in which a number of scenarios with different concentrations of IAT care in the Netherlands have been calculated.
  • Elsevier - quality indicators hospital care. Since 2010, SiRM has been carrying out analyzes for Elsevier to organize, select and process all publicly available quality indicators about hospitals. With this Elsevier has successfully renewed its annual research into the performance of hospitals.
  • Development of mental health indicators. As a follow-up to an earlier project in which SiRM has compiled 9 quality indicators for mental health care, a number of these indicators are now being further developed under the guidance of SiRM. These indicators are substanced in collaboration with field parties.

Publications by

Publication in Dutch
Publication 8 February 2019
Tariff regulation for district heating
By dr. Jan-Peter Heida, ir. Jolien de Haas
An established heat network has the characteristics of a natural monopoly. This makes abuse of market power by a heat supplier conceivable and motivates tariff regulation for (small) consumers. The current regulation stipulates a tariff at or below the cost for heating with gas; the gas reference. This gas reference will become less relevant in the long-term because there is a policy to use less natural gas and to levy higher taxes on natural gas. Therefore the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has asked SiRM to investigate alternatives.
Government regulation
Energy and gas
Publication in Dutch
Publication 26 September 2018
Tapped potential - Evaluation of the Efficiency Studies programme 2006 - 2017
By ir. Jolien de Haas, dr. Steef Baeten, Ir. Saskia van der Erf
Since 1999, the Efficiency Studies (DO) programme by ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) funds research on efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. ZonMw developed the programme on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). As part of the commissioning to continue DO for 2019-21, VWS requested ZonMw to evaluate DO’s process and impact. ZonMw appointed an external evaluation committee to oversee the evaluation. This independent committee consists of representatives from stakeholders (patients, researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers, institutions and insurers). It has asked the support of consultancy firm Strategies in Regulated Markets (SiRM) to execute the evaluation.
Primary care
Mental healthcare
Nursing care
Hospital care
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