Reinout Miedema Msc

“I strongly believe health is our most precious asset. As such, it gives me a great sense of fulfilment to work on improving our health system and the services it delivers.”

Reinout is adept at creating structure in complex problems and comprehensibly linking the numbers to their practical implications. With this approach he supports our clients to take thoroug strategic decisions.

Reinout graduated cum laude in Accounting & Financial management at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam). Despite his predominately financial studies, Reinout was constantly seeking ways to combine his analytical skills with matters of societal importance. Enthused by a case study on the pricing of health services, he wrote his master thesis on the impact of benchmarking systems on hospitals’ cost efficiency. “Writing my master thesis was a really fun and valuable experience for me. I think because of its dynamic complexity and increasing importance to society, the healthcare sector hasn’t lost its grip on me ever since.”

After his studies, Reinout worked as a (senior) consultant within the healthcare advisory practice of EY in Amsterdam. Throughout the course of his four years at EY, he gained experience on numerous topics, internationally as well as in the Netherlands. They vary from the design of a new health insurance system in the Middle-East, JCI and electronic health record implementations, integral capacity management and EU-research on maternal healthcare, to guiding the relocation of a hospital on the Dutch Antilles.

As of April 2019, Reinout started as a consultant with SiRM, where he focuses on strategic problems regarding policy, financing and competition in the health sector.

Examples of project experience

  • Supervising the transition to a new hospital in the Netherlands Antilles, with attention to the primary processes, the electronic patient file and care concepts (for example an acute admission department).
  • Design of a new national health insurance system in the Middle East, with a focus on standard insurance packages.
  • Integral capacity management at several top clinical hospitals. Advisor in the field of integrated management of shared capacities using advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Drawing up a bed plan for a top clinical hospital, including the modeling of an acute admission department, combined intensive care and a shortened duration of stay.
  • Implementation support for the JCI quality mark in several top clinical hospitals. Adviser in design and development of data and process management, as well as reporting and steering on progress.


dr. Jan-Peter Heida (partner)
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