Thijs Stoop

Mainly active in Mental Healthcare, Hospital Care and Long-term Care

“With SiRM I like to contribute to decision-making that will benefit healthcare in the Netherlands”

As a versatile expert in healthcare, Thijs is focused on constructive solutions to current issues in healthcare. Based on facts and through intensive cooperation with clients, he is happy to contribute to decision-making that will benefit healthcare in the Netherlands.

Thijs studied medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After receiving his doctor's degree cum laude, Thijs began training as a medical specialist in General Surgery. During his education, Thijs noticed that he has a broad interest in all aspects of healthcare. This has been a start for Thijs to develop his versatility. He starts with the basic principles of consulting and business thinking at OC&C Strategy Consultants and then works as a care manager at Agis / Achmea, large health insurers. Here Thijs gained a thorough knowledge of the Dutch Healthcare System. At Agis, he was closely involved in the introduction of the Health Insurance Act, the transfer of mental health care from the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act to the Zvw and the establishment and professionalization of health care procurement.

With the extensive knowledge and experience from a health insurer, Thijs transferred to the administrative side of health care as a member of the Executive Board at GGZ InGeest (a mental health care provider). As a director he learned the importance of focusing on quality of care in the context of continuity of organization. And the importance of striking the right balance between different stakeholders to be successful. At Roland Berger, Thijs subsequently deepened his consulting skills and beared final responsibility for completing assignments in healthcare and beyond.

At SiRM, Thijs is responsible for projects for various clients, including healthcare providers, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, health insurers and sector organizations in the healthcare sector.


dr. Jan-Peter Heida (partner)
+31 6 41 36 23 59

Pam van der Meer (officemanager)
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The Netherlands
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