About SiRM

Does your organisation operate in a regulated market such as healthcare or network sectors? Are you interested in sharpening your strategy or developing new policies? If so, SiRM can offer you valuable assistance. We deliver tailored, fact-based advice enabling managers and policymakers to formulate effective strategies and innovative policies.

Our markets of operation

SiRM has over ten years’ experience executing projects in regulated markets.

Healthcare. Our clients are primarily active in healthcare, including healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, municipalities, government bodies and regulators, industry associations and patient advocacy organisations.

Network sectors and public housing. We also work for clients in other regulated markets, such as electricity, gas, water/heating networks and public housing. Would you like to know more about what we do in these markets? Click here or get in touch.

Our approach

Providing strategic advice is at the heart of our business. We also conduct research and policy evaluations as part of our expert services and offer joint strategy development, helping guide multiple parties towards collaborative and mutually-beneficial approaches. We achieve this using the Mutual Gains Approach developed at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We immerse ourselves in each stakeholder’s interests, collectively identifying their shared needs and concerns. As such, we facilitate, structure and inform our clients’ discussions, offering fresh perspectives and novel ideas for their consideration. See under Projects for examples.

We advise our clients based on our extensive sector knowledge and expertise in healthcare funding and competition regulation and substantial experience in quantitative, financial and conceptual analyses. We tailor our advice to your unique business or collaborative-partnership needs based on our carefully selected range of analyses.

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Results of our work

We investigate and advise on what matters most to your organisation. We continuously strive to provide our clients and other involved parties with advice that empowers them to make confident, informed decisions to align the regulated market with consumers’ needs and wishes. We deliver our findings in the best format for your needs, whether as a report, presentation or different knowledge-transfer mechanism.

Although our analyses results are often publicly available, we also publish exclusively for clients where required. You can find our publicly accessible reports and presentations under Publications – along with journal articles written by our partners and consultants. Our publication topics reflect our primary areas of knowledge and experience, including healthcare financing, contracting and payment, and competition and regulation.

Please note that most of our publications are only available in Dutch. However, a few are also published in English or have English summaries. If you would like to know more about a specific report or subject, please contact Jan-Peter Heida.

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