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Does your organisation operate in a regulated market, such as healthcare, network sectors or culture? And do you consider sharpening your strategy? Or are you developing new policy? SiRM can offer you valuable assistance. SiRM focuses on delivering thoroughly substantiated advice, which enables managers and policy makers to formulate their strategy or develop new policies.

Markets in which we operate

SiRM has been carrying out projects in regulated markets for over ten years. Often as an independent and objective party between various stakeholders.

Healthcare. The majority of our clients are active in healthcare, such as healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, municipalities, regulators, industry federation and patient advocacy organisations.

Utilities and public housing. We also work for clients in other regulated markets, such as electricity, gas, water and district heating networks, and public housing.

Culture. We provide economic advice for the cultural sector including museums, performing arts and visual arts.

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Our approach

We classify our consultancy projects globally into two categories: 'expert advice' and 'broadly supported advice'.

Expert advice

SiRM advises clients based on specific knowledge and expertise on, for example, healthcare funding or competition regulation. Expert advice supports clients in taking strategic or policy decisions. We typically formulate our expert advices on behalf of individual clients. Examples of expert advice are the organisation of ambulance care within European frameworks for competition or the optimal level of concentration of specialised stroke care.

Broadly supported advice

SiRM guides parties with different interests in order to jointly achieve a common strategy or common policy. SiRM usually provides this advice at the request of several parties. We structure the discussion between parties involved and feed the discussion based on interviews and our own analyses. Examples of broadly supported advice are: the National Quality Framework for Emergency Care and the National Model for suitable transport for people displaying erratic behavior.

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Results of our work

SiRM investigates and advises. We present the results of our findings in a report, presentation or a different format for knowledge transfer. We always strive to provide our clients and other parties involved with advice that enables them to make decisions. Decisions that serve to better align the regulated market with the needs and wishes of citizens.

The results of our work are often publicly available, but we can also publish exclusively for our client. Our publicly accessible reports and presentations can be found under 'Publications'. Here you will also find journal articles written by SIRM’s partners and consultants. The topics addressed in our publications reveal our primary areas of knowledge and experience, such as healthcare financing, contracting and payment and competition and regulation.

Please note that our publications are only available in Dutch. A few of them have English summaries. If you want to know more about a specific report or subject, please contact Jan-Peter Heida.

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