Strategic scenario analysis for Bravis Hospital

1 October 2020

To determine Bravis Hospital’s strategy, we drew up several scenarios concerning medical specialist care in the Netherlands in 2030. SiRM quantified these scenarios using the SiRM Future Hospital Care Model. Based on these results, Bravis Hospital – guided by SiRM – outlined the most realistic scenario to draw up a vision document.

To facilitate their strategy development, SiRM quantified three future scenarios for Bravis Hospital. We based all three scenarios on eleven variables influencing specialist medical care in the next ten years. SiRM calculated the impact of demographic growth and change in incidence and examined how each scenario affects care demand and how much treatment takes place inside versus outside the hospital.

We based our quantification on the SiRM Future Care Model, which provides a structured methodology for calculating the different themes and initiatives a hospital works on at various levels. We derived our inputs for the model from detailed discussions with the hospital’s medical specialists. Our quantification results were presented in workshops to discuss each scenario’s consequences for Bravis. In a strategic meeting with various hospital stakeholders, these were used to identify and describe the most likely overall scenario: 'Forward to a powerful region'. This fourth scenario has been elaborated, quantified and presented to the Supervisory and Management Boards.

Bravis hospital used this scenario analysis to draw up a key vision document – ‘The new Bravis’ – describing its choices for appropriately tackling future innovations in healthcare.

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