Senior consultant
Senior consultant
“My ambition is to contribute to solutions for healthcare problems via thorough analyses, creative solutions and close cooperation with the customer.”

Emma is passionately committed to socially relevant themes such as healthcare. Combining her investigative mindset with her consultancy experience, she quickly identifies the essence of a problem, using analytics to convert large data sets into relevant insights.

Emma achieved her master's degree in Econometrics & Management Science in 2016, specialising in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics. After successfully completing her studies, she worked at PwC, where she first encountered the application of econometrics in healthcare. Having worked at a nursing home for several years during her studies, Emma was delighted to apply her academic knowledge to practical contributions to the healthcare sector, developing a drive and dedication to further healthcare specialisation during this period.

Alongside considerable relevant experience in the Netherlands, Emma has broader expertise in solving analytic and strategic healthcare problems. Since joining SiRM in mid-2021, she has combined qualitative and quantitative methods to develop lasting healthcare solutions in close client collaboration.

Examples of Emma’s project experience

  • Providing support during strategic hospital projects: determining future demand for healthcare by analysing hospital data and interviewing doctors and other relevant stakeholders. The hospitals involved now use the collected input as the foundation for their strategic decisions.
  • Researching policy options for strengthening the elderly-care labour market: Studying the impact and feasibility of eight policy options for improving the elderly-care market using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, including workshops and interviews.
  • Evaluating the risk equalisation model: researching the function, design and implications of COVID-19 on the risk equalisation model in The Netherlands.
  • Facilitating the introduction of a web-based MS support tool: Supporting and researching the establishment of a web-based decision support tool for treating MS in The Netherlands.
  • Assessing drug-cost effectiveness: Using Makov models to determine the cost-effectiveness of a new drug for a Swiss pharmaceutical company.
  • Defining and predicting financial landscapes: Determining a foreign health insurer’s current economic situation and future financial forecast.