Senior consultant
Senior consultant
“Contributing to a socially relevant field such as healthcare motivates me to go the extra mile. The data-driven work and understanding of the healthcare process are what make SiRM unique.”

Julia enjoys applying her experience and enthusiasm to social themes such as healthcare, utilising smart (data) analyses and visualisations to understand the question better and formulate possible solutions.

Julia joined SiRM in 2019. She holds a double master’s in Neuroscience (Université de Bordeaux & Universitätsmedizin Charité, Berlin), working as a strategy consultant in aviation after graduation. Julia mastered the consultancy profession in the following three years, focusing on efficient, data-driven and solution-oriented working.

Julia has a project leader role at SiRM, overseeing hospitals and prenatal care projects alongside other sectors. Julia enjoys working closely with colleagues and clients to contribute workable solutions to the current healthcare challenges.

Examples of Julia’s project experience

Monitoring the Dutch Information Council’s outcome goals: The Dutch Information Council asked SiRM to design a monitoring system to assess the progress of its four outcome goals using various program reports. Julia conducted detailed interviews with members of each program and developed the methodology and visuals for monitoring the overarching outcome goals based on existing program reports.

Positioning acute care in the Diakonessenhuis Hospital: The Diakonessenhuis Hospital asked SiRM to guide their exploration and analysis of where best to position their acute care. As part of this, Julia supervised a workshop with different critical-care medical specialists to brainstorm possible areas of focus. She also helped test the feasibility of these focus areas by analysing the hospital’s internal data.

Estimating the expected growth in healthcare demand at the St. Anna Hospital: The St. Anna Hospital commissioned SiRM to help quantitatively assess their strategic focus points to substantiate new multi-year agreements with health insurers. For this, SiRM quantified the expected healthcare demand for the hospital in 2025 and used this to test the hospital strategy’s growth ambitions and focus points.

Valuing research activities at the St. Antonius Hospital: The St. Antonius Hospital asked SiRM to estimate the value of research conducted at the hospital. Julia contributed to this project by combining data from various sources, providing descriptive statistics and interviewing researchers about their studies’ impact.

Financing home administration of oncolytic virotherapy: SiRM was commissioned by several pharmaceutical companies to investigate the potential for financing home-based administration of oncolytic virotherapy. Julia interviewed relevant parties for this, including pharmacists, doctors and homecare organisations, to clarify bottlenecks and determine the financial business case.

Publications by Julia de Meij

Julia contributed to the following publications.

A strong link - evaluation of the Good Use of Medicines programme
Publication 21 June 2022