“Working on societal challenges means solving a complex puzzle. The challenges are particularly great in regulated markets such as healthcare. I like to contribute to finding clear solutions.”

Michiel enjoys using his knowledge and skills to benefit society. His result-oriented attitude and analytical view quickly get to the heart of subjects, while his solid analyses provide the starting point for possible solutions.

Michiel started as a consultant at SiRM in 2020. After graduating in law and economics, he worked as a government trainee at the Ministry of Economic Affairs on various social topics, then for a start-up in Amsterdam financing social issues in the social and healthcare domains. Michiel works closely with key stakeholders to find solutions that address all perspectives and interests, enabling him to provide clear advice backed by all stakeholders. Only in this way can we solve current and future challenges.

Examples of Michiel’s project experience

  • Assessing the potential for healthcare savings: The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport commissioned SiRM to map the savings potential of care substitution as part of “The Right Care in the Right Place” collaboration, identifying the policy measures necessary for realising this potential. To this end, Michiel carried out extensive desk research and conducted numerous interviews, applying the insights gained to write the policy chapter on necessary actions.
  • Evaluating coronavirus support across sectors - unequally affected, unequally supported: The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science asked SiRM to investigate the effects of coronavirus support in the cultural sector in collaboration with the Broekman Foundation and Significant APE. Michiel performed the data analysis for this evaluation and wrote parts of the report.
  • Evaluating healthcare Outline Agreements: SiRM evaluated the Outline Agreements in healthcare for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, making concrete recommendations for the more effective use of healthcare agreements and closely involving all signatories of existing Outline Agreements in the evaluation. To this end, Michiel carried out desk research, conducted interviews, supervised work sessions and wrote parts of the report.
  • Investigating the financial ecosystem of pharmaceutical research and development: Together with L.E.K. Consulting and RAND Europe, SiRM investigated how the global financial ecosystem of pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) operates, mapping out how drug developers and investors behave and why. To this end, a literature search was conducted, databases of financial information were analysed, stakeholder interviews were conducted and scenarios on plausible future directions for the financial ecosystem were developed. Michiel performed the project management of this large project.

Publications by Michiel Slag

Michiel contributed to the following publications.

The financial ecosystem of pharmaceutical R&D
Publication 22 June 2022