Partner  ⎯  Mainly active in Mental Healthcare, Hospital Care and Long-term Care
Partner ⎯ Mainly active in Mental Healthcare, Hospital Care and Long-term Care
“As part of SiRM, I enjoy contributing to decision-making that will benefit healthcare in the Netherlands.”

As a versatile expert in healthcare, Thijs focuses on constructive solutions to current healthcare issues. He enjoys contributing to decision-making that will benefit healthcare in the Netherlands through data collection and intensive cooperation with clients.

Thijs studied medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After achieving his medical degree with honours, he trained as a medical specialist in General Surgery, recognising his broad interest in all aspects of healthcare and seeking a springboard for developing his versatility. Starting with the basic principles of consulting and business thinking in his role at OC&C Strategy Consultants, he later deepened his consulting skills at Roland Berger, assuming final responsibility for completing assignments in healthcare and beyond.

In the ten years between, Thijs developed a thorough knowledge of the Dutch Healthcare System. Working as a care manager at Agis / Zilveren Kruis Achmea – one of the leading health insurers in the Netherlands – he helped introduce the Health Insurance Act, transfer mental healthcare from the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act to the Healthcare Insurance Act, and establish and professionalise healthcare procurement.

With extensive health-insurer knowledge and experience, Thijs transferred to the executive side of healthcare as a member of the Executive Board at GGZ InGeest (a mental healthcare provider). As a director, he learned the importance of focusing on the quality of care in organisational continuity and striking a successful balance between stakeholders.

Thijs is responsible for projects with various clients at SiRM, including healthcare providers, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, health insurers and other healthcare-sector organisations. His projects actualise thoroughly substantiated strategic advice and joint strategy development in close collaboration with his client(s).

Examples of Thijs’s project experience include:

  • Developing healthcare strategy: Future social, substantive and technical developments require hospitals, elderly care and mental healthcare providers to (re)determine their strategy. SiRM supports healthcare providers in (recalibrating) their strategy according to careful data analysis, providing professional healthcare knowledge and insight into the impact of future developments.
  • Supporting a hospital and health insurer with a new multi-year contract: SiRM provides analytical support for a large hospital and health insurer to negotiate a new multi-year contract. Together with our client, we investigate the relationship between basic and complex care and its developments.
  • Developing a hospital portfolio strategy: Increased consolidation of acute and complex care may have significant consequences for hospitals. SiRM provides a data-driven analysis of potential opportunities and risks, mapping the possibilities for major city hospitals and smaller regional hospitals to proactively respond to the increased consolidation of care.
  • Facilitating regional financing of acute psychiatric care: Following the introduction of a new regional financing system for acute psychiatric care in the Netherlands in 2020, SiRM supported mental healthcare providers and health insurers in a collaborative process to achieve a smoother negotiation process. Together we developed a substantive calculation model as a tool to reach agreements.
  • Implementing a quality framework for ambulance care: SiRM supports all 25 regional ambulance facilities in implementing a new national quality framework, providing process facilitation, data collection and analysis, progress reports and support in setting targets.