International lessons on emergency and acute care services reforms - webinar

Together with the Nuffield Trust, SiRM co-organised a webinar on international lessons that can be drawn from reforms of emergency and acute care services.

The Nuffield Trust is an English foundation researching the organisation of care in the National Health Service. In 2022, they published acute care reforms in BMJ Quality and Safety the article "Reconfiguring emergency and acute services: time to pause and reflect". This article also led to discussion in the Netherlands on LinkedIn, for example.

SiRM therefore organised a webinar together with Nuffield Trust to learn about European experiences of emergency and acute care reforms. Nigel Edwards, director of Nuffield Trust, chaired the webinar. The authors of the paper, Louella Vaughan, physician and researcher and John Browne, professor of Health Services at the School of Public Health at Cork in Ireland gave a presentation on the evidence that has been published on the usefulness of acute care reforms. They discussed experiences in Ireland, Denmark, England and the Netherlands, among others. To start the discussion, a panel reflected on the findings. The panel consisted of: Pauline Terwijn (Chair of the executive board of Pantein hospital in Boxmeer), Wietske Vrijland (Member of the executive board of Maasstad hospital in Rotterdam), Adriaan Brouwer (Management Team member at the Dutch Ministry of Health) and Leen Goemans (senior procurement manager of the largest health insurance company in the Netherlands Zilveren Kruis).

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