Our projects regularly lead to publicly accessible reports. Especially when we work for the government, government agencies or provider/professional associations. When we work for healthcare providers, health insurers or partnerships, the results of our projects are often confidential. You can find some publicly accessible reports and/or abstracts in English below. However, most of our publications are in Dutch, viewable on the Dutch website. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


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Analysis of evergreening and policy options Dutch National Healthcare Institute
Publication 11 March 2024
A comparison of the regulation of the statutory healthcare package in Western Europe
Publication 12 December 2023
International lessons on emergency and acute care services reforms - webinar
Publication 28 July 2023
Output current R&D system pharmaceuticals
Publication 14 February 2023
An increasingly large piece of the pie - Forecast of expenditures on specialty drugs 2022-2026
Publication 5 July 2022
The financial ecosystem of pharmaceutical R&D
Publication 22 June 2022
A strong link - evaluation of the Good Use of Medicines programme
Publication 21 June 2022
The value of paediatric oncology
Publication 6 January 2022
Consolidating complex interventions could prevent more than 200 deaths in the Netherlands
Publication 28 July 2020
Clarification of competition rules is helpful, but not a panacea for lower prices of prescription drugs
Publication 2 January 2020
The social impact of age-related hearing impairment
Publication 19 September 2019
Aiming for the ‘high-hanging fruit’ – evaluation of the Dutch expensive medicines policy 2016-2018
Publication 4 July 2019
Tapped potential - evaluation of the Efficiency Studies programme 2006–2017
Publication 26 September 2018
Strengthening in-hospital drug purchasing
Publication 16 November 2017